Was macht Menschen glücklich im Leben?


Die meisten Menschen leben im ewigen hoffen. Wenn Ich dieses eine Ding noch im Leben habe dieses eine noch, dann ist es da das erfüllte Leben. Und tief im inneren #wissen wir, wenn wir ehrlich sind. "Hmm das hatte ich schon mal gedacht. Und schon mal und schonmal." (Vielleicht beim letzten Partner. Beim letzten Ziel was wir erreichten.) Die Episoden über Glück beschäftigen sich genauer damit.

Warum alles abflacht. Warum man oft Glück opfern muss, um Glück zu gewinnen. Warum die Strategie des ansammelns von Glücksmomenten nicht allein zu einem glücklichen Leben führt. Es geht um Polarität, Abwechslung und die berühmte Toleranzbildung. Um flaches Glück vs tiefes Glück. Um deine Haupttriebkräfte. Was ist dir am wichtigsten? Es geht um Deutschland und den Weltglücksreport. Auf welchen Platz liegen wir im weltweiten Glücksempfinden? Die Einkommen und Investment #Balance. (Wie viel ich verdiene.) Der Unterschied zwischen tiefem Glück und einem glücklichen #Leben. Warum Finnen glücklicher sind als #deutsche und deutsche wohl glücklicher sind als Amerikaner.

Was braucht es damit Menschen glücklich sind? Was macht Menschen glücklich? Was ist Glück? Schnelles, flaches Glück vs tiefes, nachhaltiges Glück.

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00:20:33: yeah also your own farms and I do need your Marco hot lips Tina targets I don't form can also hang on Hunter treaty house phone you got it for Hungry kids like that su- etapa Vietnamese Satin Ball there's a balloon to see the steps of this kid proposed design

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00:22:30: it was Matt Gibson by malls leave the hobby somebody should be you can also be by him sex sport that in my writing fluency and Alice victimization

00:22:41: on

00:22:41: Todd seems dangling alone atomized menschen to know each longer tied with listen and not getting up from these noises and ding in Thailand and then I'll talk iron on the ground and look like you're sleeping with you

00:22:52: these are strategies amount as we can after snarling stay yeah in forests look to become nurses we are not smooth is a mid-tone light of the turnoff darkest blue cover before to question a lot to harmless.

00:23:06: I love you as orphans I asked him last summer in front looks women don't get up a booster manage that is always prepared that were doing one mean extend exam return faster.

00:23:17: Does Elizabeth of lock on the market values.

00:23:20: That's from Tunis agenda and Sheamus needs the neurotransmitter from the this novice Vida build Advantage by cameras the whole film above.

00:23:28: Again I fell over my mail and intensity before an iron don't deserve.

00:23:33: Is printers Alice Nixa Emma mayen axial stiffness like intensive on ecstasy fighter to Nantes that's a shop teacher is no entry device does is this link one up flattening this episode.

00:23:46: They hit him this month it's nice guy ignorant frankly click asleep in the sun another Ryan found looks at toilet 80 Cardinal ding hi

00:23:54: on function yet next Village Target aware of Darwin evidence,

00:23:58: strategist in fat and sugar shouting announcement Wilson buyers pillow that has excessive eye on Dallas and awful is locked up as building the tolerances for to govern height,

00:24:09: it's Paul Stanley in fact the Mamiya on Miata phone on the my intent Savannah now the bill room to tolerance belongings it shouldn't be any problem.

00:24:20: I want this type of life does align each friend look like Slim.

00:24:24: UND the oven we have as long and each Hutton on done from this envious of began where's the Zone has Obama has done so shines is known as motor screws to look to thine indeed I can't is your damage to this give you fast tired on this health are not nice longer and

00:24:41: V down Vida noose tightens the illusion antibiotic is now found up to chalean extreme now this would free or - better than me that's for normally Tate 20 hormonal Wings is Vida own wedding where bra made a Fondo de Vida it was unresponsive right

00:24:56: that's wasn't speak to you signed them often topped amazonas wanted to gain everything we brought home are also reflects Memento and filter the unsecured hydrants,

00:25:06: voil notice gedanken cars on the unknown War so mid-weight on writer to fill eventual move this kite and to fear from

00:25:15: Dean wasn't from violent expected the coastal erosion rates a Soviet owned by a downed utility personas awesome Collective the brow.

00:25:24: Diop fixed only realistic polarity it up fixing solution in Burnley on teams in half.

00:25:31: I'll fix long hours action instability that affects the null space and twisting effect soon isn't reason fact of look and does not buy medicines and I'm gonna have another and it's The Vedic system prompted by MTM electrician limbs

00:25:46: after bike schnelles,

00:25:49: the photic is getting spit Alice look no other additional kicks gagne's long for us to get look

00:25:57: my mother soft up being woman at first click up fat home trick to give in.

00:26:02: It's can only feed look bring some biosphere Yasin if he can survive a turn-on so now it's on,

00:26:11: somebody speak English salon

00:26:14: plus a shot man female milk carton one conundrum menschen can learn the English placing mankind female internet reservation at female to gong to me informacion can't fire Rising

00:26:27: can an English classic comedy on with environment ovejita I want my moose a smug look up fun on Jesus Lang first you click to give in.

00:26:37: That doesn't feel a mentioning / right.

00:26:39: Mumbles Lynch I don't have my Muslim by spin in the arm tool is it since my mighty vocoders oh I'm computer and English land and Pomona.

00:26:50: UND of your apartment to buy speaker mute League arm the midpoint from found their order so this is even the Target on the sleeves we missing.

00:26:59: My might look up found on block to give in on,

00:27:03: myosin sisters even nationally looking language Christina's look like freaking neat alehsalaam Ryan luggage is the up Fagan Clan important NATO is passion for an English

00:27:14: given Manzo film a look of long as victim lame it's mine pashtun shoe lady Walker or a Bible on upfront missed.

00:27:23: Does my video calmed by Mundy's bar and buy her tits look like they're done.

00:27:28: Hot cement chided - Nifty log X and additionally be 3D Kong National headline climate looks leaked of does infanta regressive it look.

00:27:37: Qantas is off to a grand bargain field in Estonian trauma Bay.

00:27:42: Yeah I keep trying to get tricks or two Chinese restaurant makeover on heightened about that so often and forgive me.

00:27:50: My most nitrogen is Alice up fun client is greater than VT hood of Krypton little vague about exact as loan second child on to travel

00:27:59: on informal and I near Eastern to gimmick lined Street in Providence that Alice do it today and my most nationalist Vision on.

00:28:09: Listen to be somavia Target.

00:28:11: In fact the Aston Martin Leon male side so he ran on top of my laundry Retreat into that's nine format so Martin

00:28:20: step-by-step or non-muslims imagined in-house can go Dallas

00:28:24: twitch plan on perfect listen on the Magnesium Darkness to know up front can survive before English 419 minuten doesn't even legal.

00:28:35: There's a marked at was has gone XU by D mu not is a mere 6,000 that's more Gigi would see a dark path line for the

00:28:43: ten-minute Integrity mangle antidote attorney attitude man faces and long sticks tiefes look Gitana to that tune merch.

00:28:53: One to Mumbai Sublime lifts or to the investment given to personas random process guineas in salons is nice boost to my amazement failures on any given day to him all the time

00:29:06: this land is supposed to be good fiscal hole number two some itif it pliers

00:29:10: my committee ramen noodles I'm Zinnia want Manhattan feel for Tyler demos Wanda and Eve actually linking your body not Tyler does my my exhibition llamas.

00:29:22: How is this how have Alison went posits your non-biased Puma team English cannot off.

00:29:28: Tanzanian piano Lounge option is marking reversal come on of the feelings are and when this book is.

00:29:37: The for Tyler to turn me on my break to harm and.

00:29:42: McLean's written for once again Abba to get in and start Alice toots oh dang and The Angst of orange that the mood on Tim 5005 man and Richton Park created to love.

00:29:58: Yeah owns the inner an ant Island Bidoof nizam latouche winter sheet looking for Sterling won't look never mentions Indonesian winding

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00:30:31: Another anti before and come the energy critical mode started following mr. McClintock

00:30:37: this book is good model designer and Tyler are also forbidden and also described as the olive oil and get blood to ignore female management my mouth since winning at my mama mia don't have extra tomatoes cook Invasion anti-eviction I'm sick myosins diesel Diana voters hearts on the ground

00:30:56: it's Monday I'm pozitiv and said listen right here venturestein amphora gone crazy trip craft all 120

00:31:05: UND Tyler Bisons eco-driving these personas often bring another one hole.

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00:31:47: Khadija belongs in same of which the Gap Factor on that so cool place.

00:31:53: Click on look want to free night on also freed and height in the on the scans Gautama fit lights was Oregon done diagonal and Sukkot.

00:32:05: Yeah I think is get a good to go in about one American has always been one to three days until storage needs in on Franklin

00:32:13: 1000 volt Americana do it little optimistic assumption its internal storage my sincere positive image,

00:32:21: don't see I'm off to Iman and goes and hides trunk there starts as you move details Alomar all side.

00:32:28: Light educate about adage of the zika high school film based in follow-on

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00:33:05: Hi height of cost and fun to physician high-density thousand shine-free must mention and select ideal design.

00:33:12: The Zone has already had some gesellschaft ellingham of hummus has a de Vaca hide.

00:33:18: By my income teichner story does this looks in Finish cause unstacked above 50,000 oil monetization findings.

00:33:26: As of Monday to 19,000 and monitor that I see thousand or fifty thousand she named Luke Dimension needs dramatists and answer -

00:33:36: You know signs on top of thousand dollar version and Starker skiffle a game token the Sleek for vegan Tim I'm the hiatus.

00:33:44: Then of Diner Foods even thousands wire nut oil or lotion Xeon Phi organic so V2 minus p and Andreas by 2012 off does this their individual are you not leaving still owned by Sony card.

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00:34:20: What this town needs Lucretia Mott invited mphil highest lives in constant downward trajectory vodka shots Fields it's not world's biosphere and yet and I cannot go,

00:34:32: by a talk Vista cavities in that Sleep Craft V too much beef height.

00:34:37: PCS 500s as Alice up V going in a rabid openness and All-Star Game might not feel as the sun passing soccer.

00:34:46: The Mandarin is vegans are heightened or victi about materials need to feel inside of your app file.

00:34:52: He's somebody's believe in Minds open can't house them Reach tallest team Solomon's needed our White Mountains while biting ants but was not resistant.

00:35:02: Ball head on outside for my new website on the podcast on monofin Hobbies on to about

00:35:07: nice calm down mid-2012 not oil good your body wouldn't even even thought streams of heights get cream is Libra Rising

00:35:17: Leslie's possum if ton of my dress is normative tell don't work so I consider them I might have to leave a Motors arm Toya women's example feel a victim photos foreign language of my website under the hot ones item from your Fighters human interest yet

00:35:36: in fights because you don't need zoophilia and updates on and is off even have it because in a bar

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00:35:54: what's this giggles and I'm comes licensed merchandise on this evening and puzzles are the underwear has gone next.

00:36:04: It's spot on this 2010 so campement others.

00:36:09: Punjabi language part has been knocking around it so you can hide speed of 31 to type in is right click click so from the gate Heights plans,

00:36:19: he moves Knight Rises walking Stone fly high top for non mm mm drop tell me my sins and whiter skin or pass Mark when you commit him get there no collars or hidden talent

00:36:29: Purdue furnaces and Gestalt this in vinegar and conversion to be nice curved position mohabbat version to finish height as Alice up vegans are needed for Boon eaten Vicky and markets which is a kind look so use envelope fulfill a ver does it sneaks up on you more than any man has talked to Ryan on get fired when she bit off - also balance Ian

00:36:52: D Goethe of the work-life balance is shown Rosa looks factor or it have been

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00:37:05: I want to thank the inside is there's no gold as issue deliver,

00:37:11: hey get it Giggles hi totient won't travel on dozens of at 1650 come for loud about nagamma Tom Lehman Magnus Dynamite 9.1.

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00:37:40: UND unsaturation and vacant job man we filled up for our white mist from die in a gutter belongs to come.

00:37:47: Jeevan one knot span most and I must as all made I'm erasing it began as though.

00:37:53: Is this V design I hope trip crafted to can on the biggest act by me this is height and on this is Lieber and

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00:38:12: Regas Arctic comes by didn't trip caftan in of DDM for a grand Trine and as a he helped invent anesthesia hide the number Allah and.

00:38:22: No that one's off Heidi by victim by feeling is to give it to Nana's our minds and ridiculous mom Lieber the uneconomic.

00:38:29: Skeeter's of Aquino de hombre que downfall out constantly boy mentality of Allah the almighty says I'm not my Vista Garden.

00:38:37: UND belong does Doffing also reached.

00:38:41: Of each Finger Eleven iron fassett enhance stuffed and all the faceted partner shaft of the wounds on a fifth higher I do not panic I design for,

00:38:51: yeah and I'm the highest now.

00:38:53: How about this in a moment of Now by me has can see Canaan flight is in the Mia Mia blood coz I had Vista myosin strike does he hide speed of response mention of much Dynamite Donna.

00:39:06: Zoe stankmeyer does is skin look for it combat some fart set which is personas him out eating

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00:39:42: Tim's Ortman and comfortable kick my apology to beat nest on the market if you will about my limitation is like

00:39:50: it will make it stuff your balloon on top of the mushroom glutamate into cooking and

00:39:56: no time for Lake Tahoe area was 45s look to tune was Mandeville more Garden was Linda and her to knock out you guys know there.

00:40:04: And offered to bring 45 asleep.

00:40:08: Suzuki we had four also lamented intending blue cleats of Yunnan tank Park Hyatt on VHS and Sweden was all good Niche DTC hearty food looks fucked wanking Flocka and so Tarzan about him,

00:40:21: nice tats arms and the victors curing Swedish dance their big family kite is Saga often victim wound look of Tawana.

00:40:30: Spiced pears nobody dare violate it was wide awake is thousand years my gang members who come quinoa and horizontal surface is keep not fill a vital in fact one bite I get stagnant white entirely these as are your vassals mention I just quickly smart

00:40:45: orange yeah.

00:40:47: 10 but then he might sneak Cisco motorized you but next is a Villas on this Indonesian version of on a team here yeah he's benched Alice looked everywhere it makes my heart soar not look like Gavin Doran podcast murder under and tired.

00:41:01: UND available via Tomba iTunes for him to y'all that's what does.

00:41:05: Spiders yeah I wanna report Cassie combinations in Montauk was noise for my garlic my Instagram or Facebook one of my website the menschenfreund.

00:41:15: It's unfiltered information on to the Tama tank of history on tankers.

00:41:21: Because I want of maps is Main Street wounds of the boosters way to get Alice booted Chow on.

00:41:26: Music.

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